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The Convergence of Selling, Streaming and Socializing: Live Commerce Production

Published on October 8, 2020 Posted in: Thought Pieces

“Five years of digital transformation in a single year” as stated in a Facebook and Bain & Company SEA Report. The rapid rise of digital consumers and their spending patterns highlighted both the increased opportunity for brands as well as the challenge for agencies and production houses to pivot their services. During the enhanced community […]

Key considerations when developing an eCommerce strategy

Published on July 22, 2020 Posted in: Thought Pieces

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — There’s no denying it: the economic landscape has shifted. In light of the global crisis, businesses are urged to rapidly reevaluate numerous factors in order to move forward. Predicaments pervade the business environment wherein; demand has gone askew, sources of revenue are uncertain, and certain supply chains disrupted for good. The reality […]